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The Arcadia Foundation promotes democracy and curbs corruption in governments all over the world. We fight on-the-ground for those with little control over their lives, who yearn for understanding and support from their governments. We provide the platform, the tools and the training for political activism and encourage dialogue and transparency between government and their citizenry.

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Ex-Telecom Execs Charged With Foreign Bribery, Money Laundering

Dec. 27th, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. Justice Department announced charges against two former executives of a Miami-based telecommunications company accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to government officials in Honduras to maintain a long-distance telephone link with the U.S. Read More

Arcadia Foundation – Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Interview

Nov. 2nd, 2010

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe sits down with the Arcadia Foundation to commend them on their efforts to uphold democracy in developing nations and promote fundamental human rights wherever they are being upheld. Read More

Betty Bigombe Receives Dutch Rights Prize for Peace Effort

Apr. 11th, 2010

2305Arcadia Foundation President and former Chief Mediator between the Government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army, Betty Bigombe has been awarded the Geuzen Medal for 2010 for her efforts to end the war in northern Uganda.

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When Crime Moves West

Jul. 2nd, 2015

European legal and judicial authorities are facing a growing challenge dealing with Russian and other FSU business people seeking refuge from legal claims arising at home. Against a background of East-West political tensions, the trend is throwing up conflicts between national laws and procedures and testing the ability of western courts to assess behavior which may or may not be criminal in character.

Austria has become a particular hot spot. Long regarded as a convenient and pleasant bolt hole for the affluent of Russia and the CIS, Vienna has also been regarded as a sanctuary by those with legal problems in their homeland.

The recent high-profile case pursued by US prosecutors seeking extradition of Ukrainian gas tycoon Dmytro Firtash threw a spotlight on Austria’s judicial system. The request was denied, on grounds of insufficient evidence, drawing criticism from some American circles.

But the most serious pressures on Austria’s judiciary are coming not from the US, but from Russia and its neighbors.

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Haitian Presidential Candidate Michelet Nestor Pens Impassioned Letter To Dominican Republic President Medina On Mass Deportations to Haiti

Jun. 24th, 2015

The following is from the Office of Monsieur Michelet Nestor, Presidential Candidate in the Upcoming 2015 Elections in the Republic of Haiti:

Dear President Medina and Immigration Director Sem,

On behalf of the people of Haiti, I am taking this opportunity to address this letter to you in order to express my deep concern regarding the impending mass deportations that are presently under consideration in the Dominican Republic.

My message to you is unequivocally clear – I ask that you halt any plans to expel thousands of people of Haitian descent from your shores.  Our storied bilateral relationship is simply not the only dynamic at stake within contemporary geopolitics.

As you are well aware, many of these people have never visited Haiti.  This fact is buttressed by recent international condemnation of the proposal, with acclaimed correspondents from the Guardian newspaper of Britain (as but an example) stating that “…the country [Dominican Republic] should institute some form of blanket amnesty or residency for those who have been working in the country and abiding by its laws. That way, overburdened Dominican officials could put their focus on securing their borders, instead of deporting productive members of society”.

I therefore ask that you assist me in not only delaying deportation legislation, but also push for an easy path to citizenship for these people.

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Guatemalan Authorities Colluding With Russia To Return My Child To An Orphanage, Mother Says

May. 26th, 2015

MAY 22, GUATEMALA CITY – Irina Bitkova, mother of Vladimir, today condemned the efforts by the Procuraduría General de la Nación –PGN (Office of the Attorney General) to overturn an earlier ruling by Court of Appeals, which entrusted her son to the care of his legal guardians, and have the three-year old Vladimir, a son of Russian citizens, returned to an orphanage.

Commenting on the May 19 decision by Guatemala’s Supreme Court to consider a request by the PGN to return Vladimir to an orphanage, Irina Bitkova said: “the PGN is engaged in a gross violation of my son’s and my family’s human rights that is tantamount to torture. Despite a conclusive DNA test that Vladimir is my and my husband’s son as well as evidence that he is well cared for by his legal guardians, the Office of the Public Prosecutor is trying to suggest otherwise. It is doing everything possible to hurt our family by kidnapping our little boy. I am certain that some parts of the Guatemalan government are colluding with the Russian authorities to place pressure on my husband and me and force us to return to Russia. To achieve their aims, they are prepared to inflict unimaginable cruelty on a three-year old child. My husband and I will fight all the way to uphold our rights and to expose the illegal actions of those involved.”

Note to editors:

After the arrest of his parents on January 15 on charges related to possession of illegal passports and identity documents, Judge Marjorie Rene Azpuru Villela ruled that Vladimir should live with his legal guardians, Rolando Alvarado, a family friend and Veronica Gonzalez, his nanny. On February 10, Judge Maria Belen Reyna Salazar ruled that Vladimir should be sent to the “Amor del niño” orphanage in Guatemala City and that he should have no contact with his family and legal guardians. He spent 42 days there before Judge Salazar’s decision was overturned and he returned to his legal guardians. He left the orphanage in poor physical condition and with signs of psychological trauma. He is currently receiving specialist counseling.

Igor and Irina Bitkov and their daughter Anastasia remain in pre-trial detention.

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