• May 22, 2024
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Voice of the Children Aplication

Arcadia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, acts as project developer and promoter of Voice of the Children (VoCH), an application destined to reinforce and complement the process of social awareness, processing, and resolution of the problems associated with bullying, harassment, and abuse committed on children and adolescents.

VoCH is an app that will contribute to the diminution of bullying and harassment cases, through the complaint based on irrefutable evidence. Helping children and teenagers to finally have the opportunity to live in a safe environment.

Voice of Children Project VoCH will provide users with a set of features structured into two components: the Mobile Application and the Global Network of Surveillance, listening and attention.

In the last 25 years, there has been a heightened social awareness of the existence of and problems associated with Bullying and Child Abuse. This has led to more flexible reporting procedures that have better served children, police, and our communities in civil or criminal proceedings.

Despite this progress, justice remains outstanding in many cases, as a high percentage of children, youth or witnesses are not willing to withstand burdensome administrative procedures or the environments of police stations or courts.

Harassment, abuse, and violence against children is a worldwide problem that has caused great concern in the international community as it was the first item on the Agenda 2015 #TODOSlosniños of UNICEF which seeks to eradicate violence against children.

UNICEF notes that:Violence against children affects every country and every community; in fact, nearly 1,000 million children under 15 suffer physical punishment usually, and about 25% of all girls between 15 and 19 years of age report having experienced physical violence … / …

Since the violence against children is a global problem, investing in protection from violence, exploitation and abuse should represent a global priority” sic.

Aware of the harsh reality of the problem and seeking the implementation of the idea conceived by Sofia Carmona, the Arcadia Foundation is determined to contribute actively to actions that would help minimize its growing nature.

To achieve this, it embarked on the design and development of Voice of the Children (VoCH) project as a tool to help and support children, their families, school officials, law enforcement, and the judiciary.

The VoCH project was created with a dual purpose. First, it contributes to reducing the occurrence of harassment, abuse, and violence committed against children and adolescents worldwide. Second, it offers a helping hand to provide psychological, social, and legal assistance to victims and their families.

Video oficial animado 3D de VoCH

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Aplicación con la que se podrán grabar situaciones de acoso, hostigamiento o violencia hacia niños y adolescentes, que permitirán denunciar estos hechos usando teléfonos celulares como herramientas.

Detengamos el Acoso Escolar y el Abuso Doméstico.