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Arcadia Foundation requires the UN Human Rights Council to stop being an enclosure of outlaw states such as Venezuela, Cuba and Syria

The human rights situation is no longer a question of the exclusive competence of States. On the contrary, it is a matter of concern, based on solidarity, the international community as a whole, governments, institutions, international bodies and civil society.

The United Nations Human Rights Council, currently is meeting in Geneva, it is the principal organ of protection of the universal human rights system. Its efficiency and effectiveness of their work are indispensable in the struggle to achieve full
respect for all Human Rights of everyone, everywhere.

The Arcadia Foundation sees with great concern that the UN Human Rights Council, created to remedy the deficiencies of the former Commission on Human Rights, in particular,
to put an end to its politicization, is composed of countries whose governments
do not respect Human Rights, countries that do not respect the democratic
order and the Rule of Law, and in which acts of corruption undermine
their political and social structure in the middle of the greatest impunity.

It is regrettable that some governments with this type of history intervene in the deliberations of the Council and in the decision-making on this subject, the most important of contemporary international relations, whose treatment requires responsibility, seriousness and a deep attachment to international law and their constant transformation.

The Arcadia Foundation makes a call to the governments of the Member States at this meeting of the UN Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution that would compel the Member States to respect and promote Human Rights and ensure that, in addition, that States that are part of the same, in future elections, do not have shortfalls
in the field of Human Rights, to respect the legal order and contribute effectively in the domestic and in its international relations with the

acceptance of such standards and oversight that the supervisory bodies can and must perform on all countries.

Arcadia Foundation

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Official Statement 029-2018


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#1 New year, new challenges

The fight for the democracy, its promotion and strengthening, as an individual and collective Human Right. The only space in which all Human Rights can be exercised, was our constant this past year 2017, a year of progress, it is true, although not without difficulties, before the attitude of some governments to stop their momentum.


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