VoCH drives the modality of reporting and processing such transgressions through an application (App) for smartphones and mobile devices that connect to an International Center Against Abuse (ICAA), which receives and channels allegations.

The ICAA provides the user with an ethical and innovative method of operating the judicial protections to address bullying and/or abuse in a quick, confidential, timely, and reliable way. At all times, the identity of the victim associated with the cases being handled will remain anonymous, unless the victim decides otherwise. In addition, it centralizes the collection of evidence (e.g., images, videos, documents and geo-positioning data) transmitted and processed in real time to provide an effective response with great professionalism.


Additionally, the ICAA will diligently process each complaint, and facilitate a speedy resolution., while providing psychological and legal assistance. When necessary law enforcement authorities will receive the complaint and collected evidence so that justice can be served. This will allow the swift targeting of the aggressors, heal the wounds that might disrupt the healthy growth of the children and adolescents, and promote harmonious coexistence within the community.

VoCH is the appropriate response to the problems generated by crimes and intimidation, harassment, and abuse committed against children, young, adults and seniors. It is a response that takes advantage of modern technology in order to protect the physical, moral, and psychological integrity of individuals — and of our society as a whole.


Another key advantage of VoCH project is that the evidence submitted by the user and subsequent actions to address the complaint can be monitored simultaneously at the local, regional, and a global level.