VC #1 – The Silenced Child

This article represents the first of a series of writings on Child Sexual Abuse, chapters that will be spinning the key elements on the theme that will keep us united in this virtual space of Voice of the Children.

We put at the permanent disposal an informative and professional tool to encourage and reinforce the dialogue between parents, representatives, teachers, with our sons and daughters on the Protection and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, teaching them the necessary skills, concepts and values to be able to face situations of risk, knowing how to ask for help from the adults responsible for their protection and to grow up with a healthy idea of relationships and sexuality.

We recommend at all times the “constructive dialogue” as an appropriate resource to address a difficult and complex issue of being abused and also silenced. This tool will make it easier for the parties involved to express their emotions, understand the world and learn skills and values.

Because of this, parents, representatives and teachers need to be well informed; the useful information given in this space is professional and has been written by knowledgeable about the subject in depth, often based on painful life experiences.

We dedicate this beginning with all respect and solidarity to that child, who has been abused and silenced by the abuser with authority and power, committing a vile crime. Child who from his naivety and innocence has been caught in that relationship of power. Remember very well that in power relations equality does not exist, that is, the person who abuses uses the victim to manipulate and dominate it.

The kid has become a victim and was dominated!

Is not free anymore because he or she has lost its way of being and feeling, its innocence has been profaned and hasn’t realized yet, in its little mind knows that something’s not right but don’t even know how to defend from it. It has gone to an insane and perverse relationship, which will become more acute over time, an unhealthy affective dependence, in which the abuser strongly threatens to keep it secret.

The abused child is filling his heart with fear and he is reckless of any reaction of the abuser, the infant that happened to be silenced, is not able to overcome the fear and ask for help, support, protection to a parental adult, is incapable of request your defense. Between abuse and abuse, their emotional imbalance, more traumatic, suffers, as a consequence of being victimized forever.

Emits warning signals but nobody catches them or understands them, say the adults: “they are passing things of little girls”, it continues trying at an unconscious level that someone rescue him. The adult has not learned to read these signals and therefore does not give the expected help response. Therefore, it is necessary to inform parents, representatives and teachers about the ways to do Prevention on the vile crime of Child Sexual Abuse.

The silenced child, who did not receive help at the time can become a battered and unstable adult, over the years to recognize the damage suffered and unnecessary to keep all that pain, in which he had to break the silence, now he must seek psychological help and to free himself from the stigma, the secret and the shame that the fact produced.

Every boy or girl that was implied into a power relation and that has suffered any kind of violence, abuse, including any form of sexual abuse, needs professional help to face and overcome the fact and to be able to face the future life with security and personal improvement.

Concluding the text, we comment that the traumatic experiences produced in childhood that are denied and hidden produce a damage in the evolutionary development of childhood, strongly affect self-esteem, prevent healthy relationships and, above all, subject the person to the loss of their freedom, of being and feeling authentically.

Sexual abuse should always be reported.

For all those children silenced or who have denounced, we put our time and knowledge to open a space in order to facilitate the denunciation in the precise time, and we invite our readers to support us in doing prevention to the vile crime of Child Sexual Abuse.



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