South Dakota woman arrested after fatally kicking, stomping on 5-year-old boy, police say

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June 26/2020


A South Dakota woman reportedly admitted to kicking a 5-year-old boy to death, according to the arresting officers.

Julia Lee Carter, 21, called Mitchell police to report that she was headed to the emergency room because the boy, who she lived with, was not breathing. Doctors attempted to save the boy’s life, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

An autopsy revealed the boy had suffered blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Carter reportedly told police she had kicked the boy five times and stomped on his abdomen.

She also supposedly admitted that she knew the boy was injured as a result of her actions.

Police posted a report on Facebook regarding the incident.

The connection between Carter and the boy, beyond the fact that they lived together, was not immediately clear. However, Carter faces charges of first-degree manslaughter and abuse or cruelty to a minor after the boy’s death was ruled a homicide.


The cause of the incident is also still unknown.

The investigation is ongoing.

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