Baby hospitalized with coronavirus after dad goes to grocery store

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April 06 /2020


A British baby boy was left hospitalized with the coronavirus — after his dad got the whole family infected with just one quick grocery run.

“We have been in isolation for 3 weeks, I brought the virus home after a single short visit to Tesco,” dad Peter Jones wrote on Twitter of breaking his otherwise strict lockdown to go to a supermarket.

He said that “3 of us recovered fast our 1 yo was less lucky,” writing, “My baby boy is in hospital tonight recovering from an infection following #coronavirus.”

The Devon dad said he was publicizing his family’s nightmare to highlight how even a quick break of a lockdown could have tragic consequences.

His message echoes the one made in the US, with White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx telling Americans it is “the moment to not be going to the grocery store” or even the pharmacy.

“I want people to know that just one trip out can risk it all!” Jones warned in his series of tweets starting Friday.

“Please don’t go out! Stay at home, and protect your love ones! Please share so others can avoid our experience!”

Jones — whose initial message was liked more than 23,000 times — later updated followers that his son was discharged and recovering at home after getting oxygen and antibiotics.

“We must try & limit visits and follow the guidance to limit risk,” he said, urging people to only leave isolation for real emergencies.



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