11-year-old confronts father who raped her in heartbreaking testimony

Courtesy of New York Post: [https://nypost.com/2019/07/30/11-year-old-confronts-father-who-raped-her-in-heartbreaking-testimony/]

July 30 del 2019


An 11-year-old girl whose father was convicted of repeatedly raping her courageously told him how deeply he traumatized her in a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday — but said she still loved him.

“On a daily basis I have a low self-esteem and feel like a waste of space. I sometimes wonder if I were really worth a lot, why would someone so close to me hurt me in such a way?” she said shortly before her father, Bryan Johnson, 41, was sentenced to 25 years to life for the depraved crimes.

“I can honestly say that I still do love my father despite what he has done to me,” she said in a calm, steady voice.

The girl had lived with her grandparents while younger but longed to spend more time with her mother and father, she told a heartbroken courtroom.

“When I heard that I was going to live with my dad I was very happy,” she said. “I would finally be able to see my mom more and also be able to live with a parent. I wish I hadn’t had such high expectations since I was heavily let down.”

The young girl was just 8 years old when the physical and sexual abuse began. “After time I started to feel more and more hurt to the point where I felt nothing at all,” she recalled. “I was told I couldn’t live with my mother because she didn’t want me.”

What she didn’t know at the time was that her mom wanted to see her but her father wouldn’t let her.

The child didn’t initially go to the police because she didn’t want to put her dad in prison.

But the abuse would become too much for her to bear, and she finally confided to an online religious adviser when she was 10. Johnson was eventually arrested.

The young girl told the court that she knows her dad needs to be in prison but it’s still difficult for her to accept.

She said she hopes that her father will use his time behind bars to reflect on the damage he’s caused others — including his stepdaughter, whom prosecutors say he also abused.

“My father should realize what he’s done to me and others wasn’t OK. It was very far from OK,” she said. “However, even the worst people can change.”

Johnson allegedly abused his stepdaughter from a prior relationship years before his own daughter moved in with him. Although he wasn’t charged for his alleged crimes against her, she testified at the Manhattan Supreme Court trial as a witness.

Johnson, unrepentant, took the stand and vehemently denied he’d ever brutalized his daughter. He waived a jury trial and his guilt was decided solely by Justice Erika Edwards.

She handed down the maximum sentence on the 17 counts for which he was convicted, including predatory sexual assault against a child, first-degree rape and criminal sexual act.

After her father was hauled away in handcuffs, the brave little girl strolled out of court flanked by her family, clutching a tie-dyed unicorn stuffed animal.

She’s trying to live a normal life, but the abuse has left its scars, and the young girl suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

“This lengthy prison sentence is the only appropriate outcome for this horrific case of child sexual assault,” said Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. in a statement. “I am in awe of [the victims’] resiliency, and hope that their courage gives others the strength to come forward.”

The DA urges any victims of child abuse to call its hotline at 212-335-4308.

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