Babysitter returned dead infant to mom pretending he was alive: cops

[Courtesy of: New York Post]

January 07/2019

A Wisconsin babysitter is behind bars after she killed a baby boy and returned his lifeless body to his mom, officials said.

Charges were filed Friday against 28-year-old Marissa Tietsort of Wausau in connection to the infant’s death Oct. 18 while he was in her care.

The victim was identified as 2-month-old Benson Xiong in a Facebook page started by the family.

Tietsort, who is pregnant with her sixth child, allegedly returned the infant in a snowsuit with his hat pulled down over his eyes to his mother without telling her he was dead.

The child’s mom told authorities that she thought Benson was sleeping but later realized that he was cold and stiff. Officers arrived at the home to find the boy with his jaw clenched and blue lips, according to police.

The mom said she dropped off Benson at Tietsort’s home along with his older brother.

While they were in her care, the woman allegedly received a text from Tietsort saying that she was charged with child abuse and was ordered not to be around children. Tietsort allegedly asked the woman not to tell anyone she was babysitting the kids.

Tietsort later confessed to authorities that she was aware the baby was dead when she returned him — but didn’t kill the infant, according to court records.

Police said she also admitted to going to McDonald’s with her boyfriend and the baby’s body.

Officials later determined the boy died of blunt force head injuries.

Tietsort appeared in court Friday where she was ordered held on $500,000 bond. She faces charges for first-degree intentional homicide.



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