Illinois teen dies after mom hides girl’s medical condition

[Courtesy of: New York Post]

December 28/2018

An Illinois mom faces charges after allegedly keeping her daughter’s diabetes a secret, which caused the girl’s death, according to officials.

Amber Hampshire turned herself in to authorities Thursday in Madison County in connection to her 14-year-old daughter Emily’s death last month, news station KMOV-TV reported.

Prosecutors allege the 39-year-old mom knew her daughter was diagnosed in 2013 with diabetes — but took measures to keep her condition hidden and never filled the teen’s insulin prescription.

When the teen was hospitalized in February with pneumonia, physicians gave her a diabetes diagnosis again, officials said. Multiple follow-up appointments were scheduled to treat and manage her diabetes, but she allegedly never showed.

Around eight months later, emergency responders were called to the family’s home and found the teen was in cardiac arrest. She was rushed to a local emergency room then airlifted to a St. Louis hospital, where she died two days later, according to police.

Her death was reportedly caused by medical complications from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Prosecutors filed charges against the mother for involuntary manslaughter and endangering the life and health of a child.

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