Larry Nassar’s ex-boss allegedly paid students $100 an hour for nude medical exams

[Courtesy of New York Time:]

April 26/2018


The former boss of convicted USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar would often pay medical students up to $100 an hour for nude modeling sessions and invasive practice exams — which included breast and pelvic inspections, according to prosecutors.

The new allegations were revealed Wednesday in a court motion filed by Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office.

William Strampel, ex-dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, has already been accused of molesting and harassing female students. He was arrested in late March and charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Five women have come forward and accused Strampel of acting inappropriately and sexually assaulting them. The motion filed Wednesday outlines new allegations from two more women, who claim to have been hired as exam models, WOOD-TV reports.

Prosecutors say they want to call on the former students as witnesses at Strampel’s preliminary hearing in June. In their motion, they describe how the pair met the ex-dean and eventually agreed to take part in nude medical exams in exchange for cash.

One was a Central Michigan University student, the other an MSU hopeful who had applied to the college of medicine, but didn’t have high enough test scores to get in.

The two of them were forced to endure dozens of nude exams, some behind closed doors and others in front of medical students. There were breast inspections and pelvic examinations, which included vaginal and anal penetration, according to prosecutors.

“It bears the same eerie mark as the conduct of Larry Nassar, employing the cover of legitimate medical procedures, conducted for his own sexual gratification,” wrote chief legal counsel Eric Restuccia in the filing.

Strampel served as dean of the medical college from 2002 until December 2017.

The special prosecutor appointed in his case, William Forsyth, said he stumbled upon the alleged behavior while investigating Nassar.

The former MSU sports doctor is serving a prison sentence of up to 175 years after pleading guilty to the sexual assaults of nine women and a family friend. He has been accused of abusing more than 200 others.

In addition to the molestation charges, Strampel is on the hook for official misconduct and willful neglect of duty. Prosecutors claim he failed to enforce protocols put in place to protect a female patient from Nassar in 2014 — after she came forward and accused the doctor of misconduct.

Strampel’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment on the new allegations.

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