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Will those responsible of the Odebrecht case be ever brought to justice?

Based in Brazil, Odebrecht is Latin America’s largest construction firm. It paid nearly $800 million in bribes to individuals between 2001 and 2016. Some bribes filtered through Venezuela, Peru and the United States.


The 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

Transparency International is an anti-corruption organization that works together with governments, businesses and citizens to end corruption schemes all over the globe. Each year, the group releases its Corruption Perceptions Index to determine which nations rank lower or higher based on the perception of corruption in the public sector. According to the latest annual review, the most corrupt countries were all plagued by war, poverty, political conflicts, weak public institutions and lack of independence in the media.

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COMUNICADO: La Fundación Arcadia ( @ArcadiaF) condena que el Gobierno de Nicolás Maduro promueva el desplazamiento de Centroamericanos hacia los EEUU con la finalidad de alterar del orden y las relaciones entre los países de la región.
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