Solidarity expressions from public personalities that belong to the most different areas: social, cultural and political, that give faith of the labor that Arcadia Foundation carries out, working in benefit of the democratic values and the defense of Human Rights.


Exposing Corruption

Discover and report all cases of corruption that challenge our fundamental values of Democracy.


Defending Human Rights

Arcadia Foundation does everything within its power to promote, protect and disseminate the scope and exercise of the rights of citizens in the world.

Voice of the Children Project

VoCH is an app that will contribute to the diminution of bullying and harassment cases, through the complaint based on irrefutable evidence. Helping children and teenagers to finally have the opportunity to live in a safe environment.


A Helping Hand When Needed

Arcadia Foundation has developed a comprehensive aid program for the Venezuelan and Honduran diaspora, with limited economic resources, who are residing in the United States and certain countries of Ibero-America.