March 29/2018


The Peruvian people have shown a unique civility in the region. Without major trauma, the resignation of PPK has allowed the passage to a new government, when many expected the parliament and the parties to enter a meaningless war for power.

Once again Peruvians have shown political maturity. From crisis to stability, without major consequences.

We are completely glad to see the continuity of democracy in one of our countries, more because the new President continues the fight against dictatorships and, of course, the Venezuelan dictatorship. The new President said it clearly: “There will be a Summit of the Americans and Maduro will not attend.”

One more step in the long race towards stability in the region, Peruvians have expressed their attachment to the principles and values that regulate democracy as a political system, the only one, in which everyone, without discrimination, can exercise all their rights.

Arcadia Foundation extends the new President Martin Vizcarra, his government, to all Peruvians and their institutions, the greatest recognition for this example that makes Latin Americans proud.

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