March 20/2018

Democracy demands free and honest elections, transparent processes, in which the actors participate in equal conditions, without any discrimination. The citizens must trust in the organization of the process by an independent and impartial body and in its fair execution that allows and guarantees the essential thing, that the result expresses the popular will.

International organizations, in particular the United Nations and the OAS, have endeavored to assist, with their technical capacity, in the preparation and implementation of these processes and observing them to ensure that they conform to the internal rules of the countries and to international standards.

The electoral process in Venezuela, convened by the National Constituent Assembly, has been described by most of the governments of the region and the world as illegitimate, as it contradicts the national norms and the international minimum standards applicable to these processes.

The government has asked the United Nations, in particular, to “accompany” the process, which has generated criticism and concerns, firstly, because of the nature and origin of the call and later, because the United Nations would not be able to guarantee the neatness of this electoral process since it has not participated in or reviewed the procedures prior to the election, scheduled for May 20.

International observation is not conceived to legitimize irregular processes, but to guarantee its transparency, its honesty. Hence, the UN has difficulties in observing this “process”, which in any case does not depend on the Secretary, but on the mandate granted by the Security Council or the General Assembly of the Organization.

It is worrisome that the necessary measures are not taken to guarantee the independence and impartiality of the electoral body, that the electoral registers are not published. In short, we do not know the organization of the “process” and that it is not allowed, the participation of millions of Venezuelans residing abroad, displaced by the crisis that has plunged the country into a catastrophic situation that has generated deep concern in the international community, which undoubtedly impedes the full exercise of our human rights.

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