Without a doubt, the international community, ergo, the States and the international organizations in particular, has the right to express its preoccupation and to take unilateral actions to put pressure onto the dictatorships so that they respect the internal legal order, especially, the human rights of all, without distinction and, so that it allows citizens to express themselves freely in fair, transparent, and reliable elections that allow them to decide their destiny.


The world, as never before, is keeping a close eye on the Venezuelan situation, the Human Rights violations, the strong corruption events that broke the Venezuelan society, anyway, the humanitarian catastrophe that is affecting us.


Everybody’s hoping that the actions, selective to a large degree, although some refer to military power and weapons to repress the society that protests freely and peacefully, adopted by the European Union the past January 22, as the ones adopted before by the US and Canada, contribute to the return of democracy in the country, so that the millions of Venezuelans who have been forced by persecution or by hunger or insecurity to leave the country return to rebuild it, a legacy to the new generations who will seek the future within our borders.

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Fundación Arcadia: Hijos de venezolanos nacidos en el exterior pueden optar al TPS en los EE.UU. https://t.co/Lwihze8r9P

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