The massacre of yesterday, January 15 on El Junquito, in which Inspector Oscar Perez and some of his colleagues of fight died, shows a face of Venezuela that we had never seen before and that we had never imagined we could live.

Violence has taken the pace in the country. Hate, discrimination, persecution, violation of the Human Rights of citizens is a constant in the daily life of Venezuelans.

The time has come for all of us to reflect. Political leaders, civil society, all State institutions, to find the path that leads us to peace, to true peace; and the stability that allows Venezuelans to live in freedom and fully exercise all their rights, without fear, so that we recover all lost confidence and faith.

The violence coming from the State, the one that we saw yesterday in El Junquito is serious. It is an absolutely unjustifiable atrocity. There is no crime that deserves such a dismal and vile reaction as that.

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2 months ago
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