Marzo 13/2019

The Arcadia Foundation reiterates its deepest and heartfelt concern for the very serious situation in which Venezuela is going through at this time, that afar a crisis, it has become a catastrophe that not only endangers the life and physical integrity of Venezuelans, but also its internal stability and, beyond that, the stability, peace and security of the region.
The repression of the usurping regime of Nicolás Maduro not only results in persecution, imprisonment of opponents, systematic and widespread torture, but also in the adoption of policies that undoubtedly constitute acts of extermination that constitute grave crimes against humanity.
The collapse of the electric system does not only respond to the deficiencies of the administration of those resources, nor to the corruption that allowed billions of dollars to disappear, but to policies expressly designed to dominate Venezuelans and impose a restrictive model of freedoms, a crime that affects all Venezuelans, of course, mainly the most vulnerable classes who, without food and medicine, struggle to survive and overcome such precariousness.
The Arcadia Foundation urges the international community to support Venezuela at this time and to take all the necessary actions to solve the integral, political, economic, humanitarian and social crisis that destroys the country and that affects the region that has had to receive more than four million Venezuelans who have been forced to flee.
The adoption of unilateral measures by democratic governments to sanction the corrupt and criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro are absolutely valid in International Law that all States

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must exercise, especially in the context of the duty to guarantee life and physical integrity of people subjected to situations of repression that annul the mechanism of self-determination as a means of conflict resolution.

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Fundación Arcadia: Hijos de venezolanos nacidos en el exterior pueden optar al TPS en los EE.UU.

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