Washington, DC February 8th, 2019


The Arcadia Foundation recognizes the efforts made by some governments in the region and Europe to enter and distribute humanitarian aid to Venezuela, which will alleviate the hunger and hardships that Venezuelans face today.
Humanitarian aid, agreed on the basis of respect for the basic elementary principles of humanity, should not be subject to any politicization and should focus on the populations that require it, without any discrimination.
The Arcadia Foundation regrets that the usurping regime of Nicolás Maduro insists on blocking humanitarian aid and even threatening it with force, through regular military forces and paramilitaries organized by them, to prevent the distribution of food and medicines, which are already beginning to group in different points near the Venezuelan border with neighboring countries.
It is regrettable and unacceptable that it is intended to assimilate humanitarian aid, humanitarian missions with military interventions or other that distort the principle and nature of these missions and that have nothing to do with the situation that affects the country today.
The Arcadia Foundation reiterates its support for any initiative that favors the promotion of humanitarian aid and its execution in the shortest time in Venezuela.


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