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January 21/2019

The Arcadia Foundation addresses public opinion with the purpose of condemning emphatically the event in which a Venezuelan murdered an Ecuadorian citizen in the City of Ibarra, Ecuador. This abominable crime must be condemned by all sectors of society. All the weight of the Law must fall on this Venezuelan citizen, always with the observance of due process that imposes an exemplary punishment.

However, it is our duty as defenders of Human Rights, to make a call not to make generalizations that end up becoming persecutions against members of the Venezuelan diaspora that arrived in Ecuador, in its immense majority, fleeing from the terrible situation they lived in. native country.

This is a humanitarian call to the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, to impose order and prevent situations of harassment and violence against Venezuelans from happening as we have observed in the last hours. It is their constitutional duty as well as a way to prevent their country from projecting an image of primitive society that takes justice into their own hands.

It is also an obligation of the citizen President to investigate to the ultimate consequences a police action plagued by errors and absence of the minimum standards of handling cases of hostages. It is difficult not to assign a high degree of responsibility in what happened to a police force that evidently lacks adequate training to handle this type of case.

The Arcadia Foundation is fully placed under the orders of the Government of Ecuador to establish plans that facilitate the cultural and socioeconomic integration of Venezuelan migrants in that sister country and thereby advance the integral and sustainable development of the Fatherland of Sucre.


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