Irrestric Support for Honduran Women

Febrero 13/2018

Arcadia Foundation, always interested in defending the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable, reaffirms its unrestricted support for Honduran women victims of violence, a delicate and complex reality in relation to which, regrettably, systematic impunity still prevails. It is always intended to hide the obvious, hide a reality that every day throws data and stats that make evident the situation of serious violence, where femicide is the last link in the chain.

Today more than ever it is necessary to count on the good will of the organizations and institutions that deal with this serious social problem that hardly affects the Honduran society; with their participation and support, carrying out the activities and procedures established in each of their agencies, to improve the living conditions of Honduran women.

Honduran women have gone from the domestic field to the public and politician, increasing their opportunities for study and employment, resulting in their personal improvement. According to statistics, for the year 2017, the National Electoral Census showed as a result that 3,087,533 of registered voters were women, which represents 51.06% of the electoral roll, with women being the majority, compared to 48.94% of the men. Nevertheless; this is not enough and although there is an “Equal Opportunities for Women Law”, approved on April 28, 2000, there is still a long way to go. There is also a “Law against Domestic Violence” but the impunity rates are still too high.

For the first quarter of 2017, more than 175 feminicides were counted, resulting in an average of 1 violent death per day; however, these numbers may be overlapped by reality, since they could be higher because the Security Secretary, on repeated occasions, has refused to provide the records of murdered women to the non-governmental organizations that have requested them.

Today, the Arcadia Foundation is in solidarity with all these women and demands that the Honduran authorities and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in particular, investigate the cases of murders and exercise their powers and obligations so that the impunity indexes decrease.

At the same time, the Foundation requires the National Congress to approve the Law that regulates the operation of the specialized unit that was created in February 2016 at the Public Ministry, to investigate violent deaths due to gender. At the same time, it requires the Honduran State to fully comply with all the international commitments it has acquired through agreements, treaties and protocols that promote the protection of women as a group of the most vulnerable society.

Finally, Arcadia Foundation also requires the National Institute for Women to prepare and put into practice new public policies that educate the public to inculcate respect for women, regardless of their age and where the protection and care of all is encouraged, the same way as each of the citizens within the conformity with the legal framework in force in the Honduran Republic.

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