Venezuelan Regime Executes Insp. Oscar Perez and Other Companions

January 15, 2018 will be here for the history of Human Rights in Venezuela as the day when the entire planet could see, finally, without any mask the violent regime presided by Nicolas Maduro Moros. On this occasion it was possible to demonstrate how the regime massacred the police officer Oscar Perez and several of his companions, accused of terrorist acts against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, without respecting the fundamental rights that must be guaranteed in every State of Law to each of their citizens.

It is necessary to remember that on June 27, 2017 this Inspector of the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Body overflew the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace calling on the Venezuelan population to exercise the Article No. 350 of the National Constitution that states:

“The people of Venezuela, true to its republican tradition, to its struggle for independence, peace and freedom, will ignore any regime, legislation or authority that runs counter to democratic values, principles and guarantees or undermine human rights.”

Since then, Inspector Oscar Perez was considered a sworn enemy of the regime, which should be persecuted and hunted as the worst of the evildoers, without taking into account that beyond their “crimes” the State was obliged to guarantee their Human Rights and offer all the guarantees of law for a fair judicial process, as well as has been established in the International Agreements and Treaties of which Venezuela has ratified its adherence and faithful compliance.

The police operation that was carried out to obtain the arrest of Mr. Perez is plagued by irregularities and without senses: the disproportionate use of force in terms of the number of officials (Bolivarian National Guard, Bolivarian National Police and the extermination groups paid by the Regime known as Collectives) and the use of high caliber firearms as well as grenades demonstrate and make it clear that the intention was not to stop him and provide him with a fair trial, on the contrary, his death was sought at all costs.

Oscar Perez made several videos explaining in what conditions his companions were and he, who wanted to surrender to the authorities, also asked for their lives to be respected, however; the officials who had to stop the attack and guard them after their surrender, carrying out orders from their superiors in charge of the operation, riddled Oscar Perez and some of his companions, others were injured and their whereabouts are unknown. This way of acting of the security forces of the Venezuelan State is known as extrajudicial execution and evidence, once again, that in this country governs a dictatorial regime, where police and military officials transgress at will and with absolute impunity international standards that are part of the legal system in matters of judicial procedures for this type of events, which automatically generates the violation of the human rights of citizens who are increasingly defenseless and vulnerable to this type of event.

To conclude, it is necessary to add that a country where these types of events occur in full view of all, without any scruples or shame on the part of the authorities that govern cannot be called other than outlaw government and gangsters, where Human rights of the population are worthless. In this regard, Arcadia Foundation urges the international community to exert pressure, through the competent bodies, so that events like this one do not repeat themselves and begin, once and for all, to respect the laws in Venezuela.

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