Each day the list of Venezuelan officials sanctioned by the international community grows more, for violating the Human Rights of the Venezuelan people. Now it is the European Union that has taken the decision to sanction seven (7) senior representatives of the dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro Moros; they are:

1.- Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace Major General Nestor Luis Reverol Torres, who has an accusation against him, filed with the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York based in Brooklyn, for receiving alleged payments from drug trafficking in exchange for collaborating with the importation of cocaine to the United States when he was the director of the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA).

2.- President of the Supreme Court of Justice Maikel Moreno, has on his resume the fact that he was accused of being responsible for the murder of a young man in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, when he was an official of the Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention (DISIP). The organism changed its name to the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN). Later, he was involved in the murder of another citizen who fell down in the middle of a shooting in Caracas, Venezuela. These two facts give grounds for the magistrate to have a judicial file, which would make it impossible for him to access the highest justice institution in Venezuela as a Magistrate of the Republic.

3.- First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello, he is linked to drug trafficking activities and as leader of the Cartel de los Soles, he is also linked as a presumed beneficiary of commission payments in the corruption case of Odebrecht.

4.- President of the National Electoral Council Tibisay Lucena, has always been linked to the institution in which he currently holds the presidency, with five months of delay to hold the regional elections in 2017, Lucena again appeared on the television screens to receive the call for Nicolas Maduro of a National Constituent Assembly. Days later, received from Maduro himself the electoral bases for the realization of the Constituent Assembly and promised to hold the elections in July 2017 and the regional ones in December 2017, as indeed it happened.

5.- General Attorney of the Republic Tarek William Saab, has been deputy and governor for the PSUV Party of the Anzoategui State. In 2014, he is appointed by the National Assembly to the office of Ombudsman, which should not be exercised by any person with political associations or preferences expressed publicly.

6.- General of Division Antonio Benavides Torres, who held until January 4, 2018 the position of Head of Government of the Capital District, has been indicted in different repression events, his career accumulates very controversial points linked to the issue of violence and repression. He was one of the defenders of the military action against the 2014 protests, considered excessive and disproportionate by spokesmen of several non-governmental organizations.

7.- General in Chief Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, Director of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), on November 16, 2017 was denounced by Luisa Ortega Diaz before The Hague for allegedly having “committed crimes of murder, torture, imprisonment, as well as an systematic and widespread attack against the population”.

The sanction imposed by the European Union towards these high-ranking officials of the bloody regime that is now undermining democracy in Venezuela is materialized in the freezing of assets and the prohibition of entry into the territory of the community. Given that democracy in the South American country is in an advanced process of deterioration and that human rights are only observed on paper and not in routine procedures, the US had already adopted in November 2017 measures that are specified in a seizure of weapons and material and supplies that, without a doubt, would be used to suppress public demonstrations of the population that is against the dictatorship and its totalitarian excesses.




The United States and Canada began the process of sanctions against Venezuelan officials involved in Human Rights violation. The European block joins the imposition of sanctions by exerting pressure against the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro Moros, managing to restrict the possibilities of life abroad and the accumulation of wealth extracted from the South American republic. The US follows in the footsteps of these two North American countries, which set a precedent with regard to applying sanctions against public officials in office in Venezuela.

The United States of America, under the mandate of President Barack Obama, initiated the execution of these announced measures by freezing the assets of the officials mentioned in the first list of sanctions and even of their closest relatives. They also revoked the US visa as part of the sanctions imposed for considering that they were involved in an offense against the Venezuelan opposition during the three months of street protests against crime and the weak state of the economy in the first months of 2014, which left 43 dead.

On its own, Canada has done the same and announced that the sanctions against the totalitarian regime of Maduro reinforces the commitment that this country has in the defense of democracy and human rights around the world, it is a good way to show solidarity towards the Venezuelans who persist in fighting to restore the democracy that has been tainted by the most terrible and violent dictatorial regime in the entire history of this South American country.

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