Judges from the Venezuela Court should be brought to Justice according to Arcadia Foundation

On April 2, 2017, Arcadia Foundation submitted a communiqué to report that the Venezuelan Court has broken the Rule of Law and the constitutional order through the articles 155 and 156. Therefore, Judges from the Court should now be brought to Justice due to the act of aggression committed.

With this act of aggression, the Court has created a state of turmoil among Venezuelan people – a situation that led opposition leaders to punishment and jail.

Arcadia Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in DC, USA, whose main mission is to promote human rights and democratic values. Its founder and CEO is PhD. Robert Carmona-Borjas.

You can find the document with the communiqué below.

Link to the document: Comunicado-Arcadia-Golpe-de-Estado-Vzla.x43795.pdf


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