Arcadia Foundation Urges Opposition Delegates to Take Proper Actions to Address the Current Venezuelan Diaspora

Arcadia Foundation, a Washington-based organization, urges opposition leaders to find a real solution concerning the current and huge Venezuelan Diaspora that has already reached Latin America and Europe.

PhD. Robert Carmona-Borjas, founder and CEO on Arcadia Foundation, criticized the self-seeking and non-practical position that some opposition leaders have shown by ignoring the noticeable crisis that the Venezuelan people usually face abroad.

There is no direct coordination to effectively address the numerous organizations that help day by day the Venezuelan people, who struggle to find their way and start a new life in other country with a different culture, tradition and language.

It is unacceptable that their responsibilities are only limited to conversations with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, and recurring visits  to the Senator Marco Rubio and the congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Their discourse has been the same since long – they condemn political persecutions, political detainees, the illegal take of the governmental institutions, the rupture of the constitution and the humanitarian crisis of the Venezuelan people across the country. However, such discourse does not include the difficult situation that the Venezuelan people who have fled the country have to deal with every day while being abroad.

Carmona Borjas explained to La Patilla Newspaper that the Parliamentary delegate Williams Dávila said that the opposition leaders plan to soon set objectives and address both the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the difficult situation that the Venezuelan Diaspora lives today in foreign countries.

The Venezuelan people who live abroad are not only vulnerable in terms of health assistance and residence stability, but they also have to face no protection status from their home country and complex migratory proceedings, which, in most of the cases, are subject to legal frauds carried out by dishonest lawyers.

Carmona Borjas plans to create aid programs that aim to help the Venezuela Diaspora all over the globe. Therefore, Arcadia Foundation will soon kick off an aid program to legally assist those living abroad in Latin America or Europe at no charge at all. In this sense, PhD Carmona Borjas urges Deputy Williams Dávila, from AD Party, to visit each and every country, where the Venezuelan Diaspora has reached the most, and explain the actual reality of Venezuela to officials and authorities. The purpose of such visits will be the finding of migratory solutions and the warning of the political and economic situation of Venezuela.


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