Peru, great example to follow…

El pueblo peruano ha dado muestra de una civilidad única en la región. Sin mayores traumas, la renuncia de PPK ha permitido el pase a un nuevo gobierno, cuando muchos esperaban que el parlamento y los partidos entrasen en una guerra sin sentido por el poder.


International observation and electoral accompaniment

Democracy demands free and honest elections, transparent processes, in which the actors participate in equal conditions, without any discrimination. The citizens must trust in the organization of the process by an independent and impartial body and in its fair execution that allows and guarantees the essential thing, that the result expresses the popular will.


#4 More Sanctions, More Democracy

Without a doubt, the international community, ergo, the States and the international organizations in particular, has the right to express its preoccupation and to take unilateral actions


#3 The massacre on El Junquito

The massacre of yesterday, January 15 on El Junquito, in which Inspector Oscar Perez and some of his colleagues of fight died, shows a face of Venezuela that we had never seen before and that we had never imagined we could live.

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#2 The Government Arbitrarity in Venezuela

Once again the regime of Nicolas Maduro shows its arbitrariness and lack of diplomacy in the handling of international relations. Not only does the government abuse and impose violence within Venezuela, but also where it acts in the same improper manner. Again and repeatedly, it contradicts the norms and fundamental principles of International Law, when “punishes” the “enemy”, this time attacking the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean with which relations have traditionally been maintained cordial and helpful.


#1 New year, new challenges

The fight for the democracy, its promotion and strengthening, as an individual and collective Human Right. The only space in which all Human Rights can be exercised, was our constant this past year 2017, a year of progress, it is true, although not without difficulties, before the attitude of some governments to stop their momentum.

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