Defending Human Rights


Before the national catastrophe in Venezuela

The Arcadia Foundation reiterates its deepest and heartfelt concern for the very serious situation in which Venezuela is going through at this time, that afar a crisis, it has become a catastrophe that not only endangers the life and physical integrity of Venezuelans, but also its internal stability and, beyond that, the stability, peace and security of the region.


Arcadia urges President Lenín Moreno to safeguard the lives of Venezuelans

The Arcadia Foundation addresses public opinion with the purpose of condemning emphatically the event in which a Venezuelan murdered an Ecuadorian citizen in the City of Ibarra, Ecuador. This abominable crime must be condemned by all sectors of society. All the weight of the Law must fall on this Venezuelan citizen, always with the observance of due process that imposes an exemplary punishment.


Irrestric Support for Honduran Women

Arcadia Foundation, always interested in defending the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable, reaffirms its unrestricted support for Honduran women victims of violence, a delicate and complex reality in relation to which, regrettably, systematic impunity still prevails. It is always intended to hide the obvious, hide a reality that every day throws data and stats that make evident the situation of serious violence, where femicide is the last link in the chain.

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Fundación Arcadia: Hijos de venezolanos nacidos en el exterior pueden optar al TPS en los EE.UU.

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