Arcadia Foundation requests that the ICC initiate a formal investigation into the death of Fernando Albán

The Arcadia Foundation strongly condemns the vile murder of Primero Justicia Councilman Fernando Albán, murdered last Sunday October 7th, a crime that is part of the generalized and systematic policy of the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro.

The international community reacts to such an abominable act and demands an Immediate investigation of the facts, until the truth and responsibilities are determined to the agents of horror and their superiors, whatever the rank they occupy in the chain of of command in the Venezuelan narco-dictatorship

The presence of mechanisms of protection of Human Rights in the country, to carry out this investigation independently and truthfully, is indispensable to achieve the clarification of this crime that is added to the hundreds committed during these last years.

That is why the Arcadia Foundation requires the National Assembly to demand, as a legitimate State Power, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
as soon as possible to participate in the clarification of the facts in
about the assassination of Councilman Albán.

In the same way, the Arcadia Foundation asks the National Assembly to also demand the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as vigorously as possible, to start once and for all the formal investigation of the situation in Venezuela so that it can be processed and punish the perpetrators of these horrible crimes and stop, in short, the criminal wave in which
the narco-regime of Nicolás Maduro has submerged us.

We must together exercise all the necessary mechanisms of pressure so that the narco-tyranny opens the way to the unison desire for democracy and freedom that all Venezuelans ask for.

Arcadia Foundation

Washington, DC


Official Statement 030-2018


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