VENEZUELA: Opposition Calls for Protests after Election Fraud

The Regional Election held on Sunday had 23 gubernatorial seats up for grabs. It was the first major election since the deadly protests of March-July and the controversial vote for a constituent assembly in August.

Regional Election


Although polling in the days before the Regional Election suggested that the opposition was subject to win most of the contests, the ruling Socialist party took 17 governorships, while the Democratic Unity coalition that represented the opposition took only 5.

After results were announced, the Democratic Unity’s election campaign chief, Gerardo Blyde, demanded a complete audit of the 23 governor races and called on to lead street protest in different sectors of Caracas city. However, some opposition supporters, particularly the youths who used to belonged to “resistance” movement during protest crashes, accused their leaders of selling out and legitimizing a dictator by even taking part in Sunday’s vote.

President Maduro, on the other hand, called Sunday’s vote “a success for Venezuela and the revolutionary democracy for the socialist democracy”. He also stated that “Chavismo is still alive, in the street” when referring to the ruling movement’s name for former president Hugo Chavez.

This Regional Election might lead to important international actions as, for example, when the US Treasury Department called the August constituent assembly election “illegitimate” and slapped new sanctions on Maduro.

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