Ingrid Moretti

Director of Social Programs

Ingrid Moretti

Ms. Moretti designs and manages programs for her clients and employers.

Professional Industrial Psychologist, specialized in adult education and Human Resources, Ms. Moretti worked for decades with organizations in Venezuela and Mexico such as Metro de Caracas, PDVSA, and Fundametal.  She has also been an advisor and consultant for other service businesses, gathering experience that allowed her to develop the skills of observation, behavioral analysis and coaching, at personal, family and work group levels.  This, in turn, has led her to investigate emotional behavior developed by workers according to their organizational hierarchy, leading to trainings and professional development being given more priority when there were changes of organization, family or individual dynamics.

With additional skills in all sorts of management, training and human resource processes, Ms. Moretti designs and manages programs for her clients and employers.

Now living in Washington, DC, she is a writer of therapeutic books, and a Life Coach, working on line and face to face with clients.   In this light, she is presently developing a Spanish language diploma program on “Human Ecology for Women” within a strategic alliance with “Coaching Hispano USA” (CH-USA) of Los Angeles, California, as a renewal and evolutive process for the female gender.  This program will also be offered by CIEDIS, “Centro de Investigación de la Dinámica Social”, located in Caracas, Venezuela.