March 2018


Peru, great example to follow…

El pueblo peruano ha dado muestra de una civilidad única en la región. Sin mayores traumas, la renuncia de PPK ha permitido el pase a un nuevo gobierno, cuando muchos esperaban que el parlamento y los partidos entrasen en una guerra sin sentido por el poder.


International observation and electoral accompaniment

Democracy demands free and honest elections, transparent processes, in which the actors participate in equal conditions, without any discrimination. The citizens must trust in the organization of the process by an independent and impartial body and in its fair execution that allows and guarantees the essential thing, that the result expresses the popular will.


It Is Time for the MACCIH to Resume Legality in the Fight Against Corruption

The Arcadia Foundation expresses its greatest satisfaction with the temporary designation of Ana Maria Calderon Boy as Spokesperson of the Mission of Support Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (MACCIH), established on the basis of the Agreement signed between the Government of Honduras and the Organization of States Americans of January 19, 2016, which established “an Inter-institutional Mechanism of Bilateral Cooperation between the Public Ministry of the Republic of Honduras and the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States,” to contribute to the Government and institutions Hondurans in the fight against corruption and for its definitive eradication in the country.

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Fundación Arcadia: Hijos de venezolanos nacidos en el exterior pueden optar al TPS en los EE.UU.

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